All Butter Rolled Oat Cookies

Aunt Lizzie's, an Unforgettable Taste Experience

Luxury Meets Delicious

Elevate Your Moments with Gourmet Cookies

Experience the Flavorful Distinction

Aunt Lizzie's: Elegance in Every Bite

Exclusively for Canada and USA

Aunt Lizzie's: Gourmet Delights within Reach

Small-Batch Baked Treats.

Made in Alfred, Ontario

Authentic Quality

Experience the true richness of our real, high-quality butter at Aunt Lizzie's. No artificial substitutes, just pure, indulgent flavour in every bite. Discover the Aunt Lizzie's difference.

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At Aunt Lizzie's, we craft our cookies with genuine quality in mind.

Our Maple cookies use real maple sugar for authentic sweetness, while our Almond cookies are enriched with real almonds for a delightful crunch.

Each variety promises a unique, wholesome experience.

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