Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a Scottish aunt named Esther who brought with her to Canada a recipe for delicious cookies. Passionate about baking, she wanted to share her love for these cookies with the world and began producing them in her own kitchen with determination and love.

As time passed, Esther's cookies became a favorite of her family and friends, thanks to their addictive, crispy texture and the use of natural ingredients crafted with care and love.

In 1998, Esther rented a commercial bakery space to produce her cookies on a larger scale, still using the manual fork technique to flatten the dough. In 1999, a woman named Heidi joined the business, and together they rented a new production space in Alfred, enabling greater efficiency and wider reach for their cookies.

Over the years, the business thrived and launched new packaging in 2007. However, in 2013, a new owner, Willy, took over the reins of the company. Willy had more than 40 years of experience in working in bakery and developing new products. He had big plans for the future of Esther's beloved cookie business and was determined to see it succeed.

In July 2022, Isaac, also known as Staqim on TikTok, took over the business with his grand dreams for Aunt Lizzie's cookies. While maintaining the tradition and quality of the cookies, he brought a fresh perspective to the business by using social media to make the cookies more popular in Quebec.

Despite the changes in ownership and the passing of time, the tradition lives on, and Aunt Lizzie's cookies continue to bring joy to those who taste them. This is a story of determination, passion, and love that began in Esther's kitchen and continues to this day, thanks to the hands of Isaac and the coaching of Willy, who wants Isaac to be successful and is available to coach him as he takes on the Aunt Lizzie's business.